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Perma Form Vertical is available in standard, readily available forms and custom forms which are manufactured to meet your design specifications.  Installation is quick and easy because all the panels slide together with built-in interlocking fingers. View or Print the installation instructions.


Standard Forms


  • Concrete core thicknesses: 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″

  • Insulation: 2″

System Components

  • Panels

- From 4'x1' to 4'x11' in 4" increments

- Forms can be stacked to make higher walls

  • 90° Corners

  • T’s for joining walls

  • Filler Panels

  • Interior Vertical Steel Batten Strips

    - Securely attach drywall directly to the form with fine threaded drywall screws.

  • Brick Ledge

    - The Brick Ledge is custom built into the panel.

    - The brick ledge may be placed in 4" increments of elevation, making it the quickest and most versatile in the ICF industry.

Brick Ledge



Brick Ledge

Brick Ledge


Custom Forms

Custom Form

When building with Perma Form Vertical, the possibilities are endless. No matter how innovative the design, panels can be built in any combination of custom radiuses, angles and shapes. Transition panels are also available for changing wall thicknesses. 

Custom Form    Custom Form    Custom Form


Special Order Items

Forms made with Galvanized Wire

  • Superior rust protection for structures finished with stucco

Metal Lath Forms

*Patent #8,752,349 B2*

  • For stone and stucco finishes

Exterior Vertical Batten Strips

  • Securely attach exterior finishing products directly to the form