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Give your customers a great product while saving your company time and money. Perma Form Vertical offers you a cost-effective, high-quality forming solution.


Perma Form Vertical Highlights

Speed, Durability & Consistent Performance in an ICF


Faster Setup and Pour Time

  • Sets faster than any conventional form system or block ICF on the market- an average basement can be set in one day and poured the next with 3 workers

  • Built to your customer’s blueprint- arrives at the job site ready to assemble

  • Forms are lightweight- one 4’ x 8’ panel weighs approximately 52 lbs

  • All panels slide together and connect easily- panels have built-in interlocking fingers which require no additional gluing or fasteners


Product Advantages

  • Insulation improves curing conditions
          -Reduces dehydration in hot weather
          -Prevents freezing in cold weather

  • Easily and securely attach interior and exterior finishing materials with factory installed vertical steel batten strips

  • Galvanized wire

  • Many accessories available to make any building project easier


Contractor Benefits

  • No forms to tear down or maintain- saving time, labor and investment

  • No forms to store because delivery is available directly to the job site- saving space and freeing up capital

  • No heavy trucks or cranes are needed to transport or move the forms- reducing investment, maintenance and insurance costs

  • Reusable bracing system- can be purchased or rented


When providing quotes, include this Brochure and Insert to let your customers know how their building project will benefit from the use of Perma Form Vertical.


Perma Form Vertical Technical Data

Engineer's Report

Thermal Testing Brochure

Holmes Testing Inc. Thermal Testing Report (Complete)



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Information Covered:

  • Basic ICF Information

  • How to Install Perma Form Vertical

  • Time-Saving Techniques

  • Use of Accessories

  • Question and Answer

Installation Instructions


View and print Perma Form Vertical’s installation instructions for information on assembly and ease of installation of electrical boxes, windows and doorways. See how quick Perma Form Vertical is to set and meet any building need.

Perma Form Vertical Installation Instructions
Perma Form Vertical Bracing System Instructions